BellTronics LTD (formerly Bell Advanced Technologies), was founded in 2015 to provide software embedded solutions. Today, Bell Tronics LTD is a leading supplier of body worn cameras, embedded hardware, industrial WiFi & Ethernet switches products, ANPR, special security cameras, active and passive fiber optics products, and other custom products.


BellTronics is an exclusive representative of leading manufacturers in the USA, Europe and the Far East, including: Gateworks Corporation, MPS, Sylex, Wolfcom, Zepcam, Visual labs Inc, Galgus, Acksys, ARH, EKS, Comnet, Fibris terra, and many more. Our mission at Bell Tronics is to provide our customers with advanced technologically innovative solutions. The founders have extensive experience in designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing and managing technical projects from concept to completion.


BellTronics' main products include: Body worn cameras, embedded hardware, rugged wireless access point and client, RF cables, fiber optics, safe city, intrusion detection systems, video surveillance technologies, industrial Single Board Computer, passive optical components, optical delays lines, laser components, BOFDA sensing systems, optical test equipment, FBG sensing systems, industrial networking switches, media converter, managed ethernet switches, optical transceivers, optical connectors assembly, optical smart cleaners, rugged & outdoor WiFi products, body-worn cameras, as well as a range of custom products based on client’s requirements.


BellTronics prides itself on its commitment to a high standard of service throughout the lifetime of its products. Our team is always available to provide support for our customers.

BellTronics complies with all laws and regulations applicable to production processes, for the USA and Europe.

BellTronics headquarters located in Shoham, 15 minutes from Ben Gurion Airport and up to 1 hr drive to high tech, start-up companies in the region. ​BellTronics serve many customers in most of the local market segments - Security, Communication, Medical, Military / Defense & Industrial.



Promoting quality products and components from a wide range of world-leading companies. Tailored solutions by help finding the components  you need and integrate them into a product. Provide professional assistance service, free of charge from experts in the field.


To become your preferred partner for optical communication products, Embedded SW, commercial and industrial applications, that require high  performance products for rugged industrial environments.

Our Team

We are a company with a diverse professional experience team with more than 17 years in high tech industry, RF, Optical, hardware, software  engineers. Operating from New Jersey USA and Shoham Israel, we are supporting local customers in Israel.

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BellTronics  LTD                                Phone: +972-3-979-7907

Phone: +972-54-331-4493

Address:128 Lakish st, Shoham, 6081343, Israel


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