In this section we offer short descriptions of selected example applications for use in selecting a Single Board Computer that is right for your wireless or wired embedded system Single Board Computer Application Library Selected Examples for Your Use in Design of Wireless and Wired Embedded Systems.

Digital Signage
Digital Signage is the wave of the future with its flexible, adaptable, and rich advertising. Half of the system comprises of the 'brain' or the SBC (Single Board Computer) that outputs the video onto an HDMI or other high definition display.
The Ventana Family of Single Board Computers paired with a media software creates the perfect Digital Signage solution. Wireless and wired interfaces along with cellular modems are available for a network connection along with serial ports, GPIO, and USB for peripheral interfacing. SSD (solid state drives) and a micro-SD memory card slot allow for large amounts of media storage. Hardware encoding on the processor ensures smooth media playback of H.264 1080P and other formats.

Internet of Things Nodes
The Internet of Things, or IoT, is expanding at a rapid rate. Millions of devices will be connected to the network in the coming decade. Gateworks SBCs are low power in a small form factor, a great fit for IoT nodes. The Gateworks SBCs have GPIO, DIO, I2C, SPI, UART, RS232, RS485, CAN Bus, Video, USB, PWM and more. Connecting to the network is easy with Ethernet, Cellular and Wireless capabilities. The Internet of Things uses Gateworks Embedded SBCs to collect sensor data and communicate it to the cloud where users can access it.

Mobile Diagnostics, Navigation & Multimedia
Gateworks rugged Single Board Computers (SBC) are matched for a tough automotive and marine environments. An integrated GPS allows for navigation, tracking, and statistics. A CAN Bus port allows for important vehicle monitoring and diagnostics. A rich graphical user interface via the Android operating system provides a rich multimedia experience. Whether it is a boat, plane, car, train or military vehicle, the Gateworks Single Board Computers are a precise fit!

Man Portable Units for Personal Video/Audio and Data Communications
These small battery powered units are worn by military and first responder personnel to allow wireless video, audio and data communication between other team members and central command. Mesh software is typically used to expand range and coverage plus allow talk groups to be defined. GPS support allows real time location and tracking of personnel.

Drone and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Video/Data Controller
The Gateworks Single Board Computer can be used as a small battery powered SBC that provides wireless transmission of video (analog and HDMI), sensor and control data (such as GPIO, DIO, RS232, CAN Bus, etc ) to ground units.
The ground station can be another Gateworks SBC. GPS support allows real time location monitoring of Unmanned Aerial Aircraf (UAV), drones, land robots, ROVs (remote operated vehicles). Drones require the rugged and industrial aspect of the Gateworks SBC. With the increased market of drones, the use of the single board computers has increased as well.

Video Surveillance
Provide low latency, hi-bandwidth wireless links from security cameras to monitoring stations. Video compression, such as H.264 is typically used to reduce wireless bandwidth requirements. Hi-power radios allow for long distance links to remote locations that could not be supported with wired links.

Surface Mining Communications
Mobile, hi-power wireless nodes used for vehicle tracking and communicating vehicle status back to main control center. Allows vehicles to be scheduled and directed for optimum efficiency.

Smart GRID Monitoring
Provide wireless data communications for Smart GRID sensors. Monitoring capacitor banks and transformers to allow service before catastrophic failures occur.

Agriculture Field Monitoring
Remote soil sensor and weather data monitoring to allow farmers to determine optimum irrigation schedules. Multiple sensors can be aggregated over Wi-Fi and then pushed up to internet using a cellular connection.

Bus, Train and Airplane Internet
Cellular and Satellite to Wi-Fi bridge for passenger internet access. Real time location and vehicle information can be provided back to control center for real time schedule updates.

Telecom WISPs
Provide multi-radio wireless access points for WISP deployments. Multiple radios allow for higher bandwidth and the support of multiple frequency bands. Dedicated backhauls can be implemented with high gain antennas to maximize distance and bandwidth between nodes.

Video and Sensor Data Streaming for Tablets and Smart Phones
Provide a USB interface to Wi-Fi Bridge for video devices and other sensors to allow direct streaming to tablets and
smart phones.

Embedded Android Solutions
The Ventana Family of Single Board Computers are able to run the Android Operating System and are suitable for rugged industrial environments. Combining a Ventana SBC, Android, and a LVDS touchscreen LCD Display will turn any industrial project into an interactive easy-to-use system. With Android already installed, just add an Android App and the solution is instantly customized to the needs of the customer. These setups ('rugged industrial Android tablets') are no match for consumer level Android tablets that do not offer long life availability and hold up to the abuse in rugged environments.

IoT Gateway
The Gateworks SBC is perfect as an IoT Gateway, or Internet of Things Gateway. The IoT market is expanding rapidly. Thousands of nodes are being deployed and need to be routed through a main hub. The Gateworks SBC is the ideal IoT Gateway or IoT Hub. It has Ethernet, wireless and cellular capabilities as well as GPIO, CAN Bus, and more.
Dual Ethernet models are also available. An Open Source Linux OS allows complete control of all the data before it is pushed to the cloud. Having an IoT Gateway that is rugged and industrial temperature rated is crucial for many IoT applications.

Wireless & Wired Video Transmission
Video and Audio transmission is valuable in many different applications. Wireless is often required and can be achieved through using high powered 802.11AC wireless radios. The Ventana Family of Single Board Computers feature HDMI video & audio input and output. Analog is also available. Two Ventana boards can be connected wirelessly, with one being used for HDMI video input and the other being used to re-display the stream with HDMI output.

Robot Video/Audio/Data Controller
Small battery powered unit embedded in robot to provide a wireless data link between the operator and robot. Uses hi-power radios for long range, hi-bandwidth and low latency transmission of video, audio, sensor and control data.
Data can be encrypted to provide secure communications.

Breadcrumb Wireless Repeaters
Small rugged battery powered wireless bridge nodes that create a bridge between wireless segments allowing extension of the operating range in harsh and severe environments. Mesh software is used to eliminate user configuration and units are typically tossed out of vehicles during reconnaissance missions.

Shaft Mining Communications
Hi-power wireless nodes typically configured with mesh software to allow VOIP and data communications inside the mines. Location data for miners can be provided using received signal strength metrics.

Utility Meter Reading
Electric, gas and water meter reading over different networking media including Ethernet, fiber, Wi-Fi and cellular.

Oil Platform Communications
Wireless communication of instrument and sensor data to control towers. Secure WLAN links between platforms and buoys.

Industrial Automation
Wireless communications between factory floor equipment to allow real time monitoring of processes. Rugged wireless access points and clients enclosed in NEMA rated enclosures typically used to allow operation in harsh factory conditions.

Agriculture Tractor Coordination and Communications
Provide a wireless network between tractors to communicate location and other vehicle data to allow synchronization between vehicles and maximize efficiencies.

Secure WLAN Links
Provide secure, hi-bandwidth, wireless data links between buildings and other structures.

Internet Hot Spots
Provide wireless internet for Hot Spots and Internet Café’s. Multi-radio support allows different frequencies/bands to be supported along with sectored antennas for increased range and bandwidth.

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