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Bell Tronics are offering high quality body worn cameras, In-car Camera system, Evidence Management Software Include Automatic Video Redaction feature. Our Evidence Management Software is cyber security, easy of use, CJIS and GPDR compliance.



Police Body Cameras
Falcon Police
Body Camera
מצלמת גוף
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The most lightweight Law Enforcement body camera on the market. This camera is a 3 in 1 device and has options for POV camera attachments.
Weighing only 125gr, Falcon is H.265 coding, an easy to use camera, 10 to 12-hour battery, top TFT display, Ultra High-Resolution, NightVision, GPS, WiFi.
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T2 Police
Body Camera
Weighing only 125gr, T2 is H.264 coding, an easy to use device, 7-9 hour battery, High-Resolution Recording, NightVision, GPS.
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In-Car Camera Systems

The WOLFCOM Mini MDVR is a compact and cost-effective device designed for mobile video surveillance. Unlike other in-car systems, this unit combines the processor and a high-definition front-facing camera in one tiny device. 

Evidence Management Software

Our CJIS compliant Evidence Management Software is designed to manage digital evidence in one location. Our User-friendly interface makes give you a complete overview of your Video, Photos, Audio, and Documents. Integrates with 3rd party Police Body Cameras and In-Car Camera Systems.

Automatic Video Redaction

FOIA Requests from the media or the general public can take a lot of time to fulfill. Using commercial video editing software takes too much time. With our Smart Video Redaction built right into our Evidence Management Software, you'll be able to easily redact faces, objects, and audio in minutes.

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