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Professional Body-Worn Cameras

Bell Tronics offers professional body-worn cameras, management software which includes automatic video upload features, docking stations, and accessories for different uniform types.

We offer the most advanced features in body-worn cameras: AES 256 , Wi-Fi, H.265, Face ID recognition and the new generation cellular body-worn camera connected directly to a privet secure cloud.

Body Worn Cameras  Models
4G Body Camera
Motorcycles helmet camera
Falcon S1
Body Camera
T3 Zepcam.png
4G camera record directly to the cloude, live stream 
A fully waterproof helmet camera for motorcyclists, boasting full feature Dash Cam, with 9 hour battery time, 300° rotating lens, waterproof adapter cables to connect to a USB power supply or external audio source, 1080P, Wi-Fi, BT and live stream.
body camera
Weighing only 125gr, Falcon is H.265 coding, an easy to use camera, with 8 to 11 hours of continuous  recording time, top TFT display, ultra high-resolution, night vision, GPS and Wi-Fi.
Visual labs
Drift ghost-xl
Falcon S1
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