Embedded Hardware

Powerful ARM Single Board Computers are available for every wired and wireless application, including IoT!

Bell Tronics distribute broad range of single board computer embedded hardware to military, communications, commercial and industrial applications. Boards are rugged built, industrial grade off the shelf, commercial products and fully-custom solutions, based upon the IMX6 and Cavium Octeon Processors.

Products are used in a wide variety of Command, Control, Communications, Compute, Intelligence, Surveillance applications, as well as homeland security, public safety, and disaster recovery.  All products are designed and manufactured in the USA by Gateworks Corporation, at the highest quality standards.

What sets GATEWORKS apart?

•All Gateworks products are designed and manufactured in the USA at GW corporate facility in San Luis Obispo, California.

•ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified: a testament to our quality commitment

•Quick-start development using our Linux software board support packages

•Support customers with system integration design and planning

•Support customers with system certification testing efforts

•Standard product designs that can be used to create cost-optimized special orders and custom designs

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