We are promoting Single Board Computers, design and manufacture in USA by Gateworks Corporation. All Single board computers are high quality and built for commercial and rugged industrial applications. Gateworks SBC, advantages are:


  • Gateworks SBCs feature very robust switching power supplies that can handle large instantaneous surges of current required by wireless radios in the Mini-PCIe slots. Gateworks typically has an 8-60VDC input range.

  • Gateworks uses high quality parts. For example, Gateworks does not use electrolytic capacitors but opts for a higher quality and robust tantalum and ceramic capacitors.

  • Gateworks uses Gigabit Ethernet. Nearly all boards have POE capability which involves more complex circuitry.

  • Gateworks uses a Mini-PCIe switch to offer multiple Mini-PCIe slots for multiple wireless radios and accessories. This switch is very unique but adds cost to the product.

  • Gateworks uses all industrial temperature rated parts which are rated for -40 to +85 degrees Celsius operation. These parts also typically go through a more rigorous screening process by the component manufactures to insure quality.

  • Gateworks uses multi-layer PCBs to provide small form factor boards.

  • Gateworks boards feature many additional interfaces that allow it to be used in a wide variety of applications. Most of the connectors can optionally be replaced with locking options for high vibration environments.

  • Gateworks products have been designed for long lifetime and product consistency. Many generic boards are only available for a couple of years and change often which can require costly redesign. Gateworks uses processors with long life availability and the latest Ventana family based upon the i.MX6 has SKUs with upto 15 years lifetime. Gateworks is proud to say it is still shipping its first generation of product that is over 10 years old!

  • All of Gateworks SBCs are Made in the USA. Gateworks has its own Surface Mount Technology (SMT) production line on site in California. This allows for very tight coupling between engineering and production and produces high quality SBCs.

  • Gateworks offers superior technical support. Gateworks has a dedicated support team that is available by email and phone. Gateworksbelieves that if their customers succeed, they will succeed.

  • Gateworks offers a comprehensive Software Wiki site that is full of examples, demonstrations, guides and more at ​http://trac.gateworks.com


All these advantages Gateworks provides ultimately lead to a superior product and customer experience.​

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