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Jan 2016, founding Bell Advanced Technologies


Dec 2016 delivery of encoder/ decoder sw to world leader high tech wireless communication company

Feb 2017, introducing Drone and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Wireless Video and Data Controller

Apr 2017, introducing 8x Video input support with Gateworks SBC's

Jan 2018, Bell Advanced Technologies is now BellTronics LTD

June 2019, delivery of advanced browser to manage agriculture application worldwide

August 2019, introducing Falcon S1, advanced body worn camera with face ID recognition

January 2020, BodyCam Auto™, automatically upload files from Falcon body camera to storage location.

January 2020, BellTronics is now approved supplier of IAI, Elta, Elbit system.

March 2020, BellTronics have supplied more than 30 body cameras to Hertzliya municipalities.

March 2020, Falcon body cameras are been used with Israel Ministry of defense in border gate patrol.

December 2020, Bell Tronics has won tenders to suply body worn cameras to many local muninipalities and goverment hospitals.

March 2021, Release of new firmware to Falcon S1 Bodyworn camera with new features: Humen voice alerts, AES 256, BT options.

July 2021, distribution agreemnt of LoRaWan sensors with Zane.

August 2021, Won supply body cameras to DAN bus comopany to the ticketing inspectors.

October 2021, Won supply body cameras to Superbus to the ticketing inspectors.

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