BellTronics provide software embedded solution services, perform operating system customization and specialized consultancy in open source software. Our extensive experience in encoding/decoding video from different inputs, 1080P30/60, H.264, H.265, gives us the ability to tailor every embedded solution to your specific needs. We use latest of the GStreamer, Linux, Android, OpenWrt, Yocto Linux , Debian, Ubuntu and other formats. projects include body camera and more.

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Our Partners


O.S Systems

BellTronics are partners with O.S. Systems a Brazilian company that has been on the market since 2002, focusing the embedded systems market with great success. O.S. Systems have been working with Yocto Project since its conception and have been a Yocto Project Participant Organization since 2013.

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 Operating Systems


Board Support Package (BSP)

Yocto Project 


We are able to help on many areas, such as, but not limited to:

• Video Encoding/Decoding, H.264/265

• BSP development
• Cross compilation consultancy
• Migration from other build systems to the Yocto Project
• Commercial support for the Yocto Project
• Embedded systems development consultancy


BellTronics is partner with Galgus a Spanish company that has been on the market since 2013, developed and patented CHT (Cognitive Hotspot Technology), a multi platform software that may be installed on a wide range of wireless access points and routers.

In the 5G area, where the hardware is a commodity and the added value comes from the software, CHT brings distributed intelligence to any Wi-Fi network, controlling radio resources and maximizing the performance for every user. CHT is already working on thousands of devices in vertical markets like aircraft, railway industry, or enterprise. watch our video demo.

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