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It’s like putting together all the ID verification capabilities we have designed yet – and adding revolutionary new ones – in one single device. That is Osmond, the best passport reader we have created so far.

Osmond’s game-changer feature is how it redefines user-friendly operation: the verification results immediately appear on its display, giving you clear feedback. There’s no need for manual typing anymore – nor for being a forgery expert. This new passport reader is built just for that, to help your business.

Osmond maximizes ID authentication as well. It virtually takes apart any ID and analyzes its layers using various illuminations (infrared, UV, and also side/edge light) to offer reliable help even for those users who lack experience in fake ID checks. It’s performed quicker than you’d ever imagine.

Some models in this product line are all-in-one configurations – these have integrated processing, therefore, do not even need any PC connection to provide the results, and on top of that, they work as network units.


Forget typing. Forget errors.

Osmond reads ID data automatically to populate any software or form just in the blink of an eye. It’s much faster than a professional typewriter and makes no errors. Using this device, you won’t need to type anymore: you save 3-4 minutes per each client and on top of that, even those characters are read from the ID that you cannot even find on your keyboard.


It reads all forms of ID data

IDs show personal data in various forms – from printed to digital – therefore a good ID verification tool should be well prepared.

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