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Falcon S1- New Generation Body Camera

With increasing demand for swift detection of suspects in mass crowd events, the Falcon S1Body-Worn Video Camera, paired with AnyVision EDGE, offers a complete security alert solution.

Captured video is offloaded via secure transmission to the most advanced CJIS compliant Evidence Management software, designed to manage digital evidence in one location. Our user-friendly interface provides a complete overview of video, photos, audio, and documents, and integrates with 3rd-party police
body cameras and in-car camera systems.

Download English Datasheet  

Download עברית Datasheet


Key Features

•  H.265 coding to less video space by 50%                                                                       •  Low light recording at 0.1 LUX


•  Live Face recognition with AnyVision SW                                                                       •  Field of view: 140°


•  Battery life of 12+ hours                                                                                                  •  Pre-buffering up to 30 seconds


•  On top TFT display to indicate camera info                                                                    •  Recording resolution: 1440p / 1270p / 1080 / 720p / 480p


•  Fast key start video recording button                                                                              •  Optional connection to mini external camera


•  Audio warning start, stop recording/ low battery                                                             •  Covert mode to support mute, lights off


•  32/64/128 GB storage                                                                                                     •  Rugged design with IP66


•  Wi-Fi® connectivity, live streaming                                                                                  •  USB multi-unit, wall and vehicular chargers


•  GPS location services                                                                                                     •  Mounting options for multiple uniform types


Falcon Setup Manager Software

The Bell Falcon Setup Manager Software enables you to make changes to the camera’s various settings, including multi language, English and Hebrew, and access to camera’s files.

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Falcon DS-2 docking station and management software

The Bell Falcon DS-2, 8 port docking station together with the Falcon BodyCam Auto- Evidence Management System will automatically upload files from your Falcon body camera to a folder on your computer. Simply dock the cameras to the DS-2, 8 port docking station or connect the Falcon camera directly to your computer and Falcon BodyCam Auto- will do the rest. 

  • Automatically detects each body camera and creates a folder for it.

  • Videos are automatically uploaded and sorted onto each camera folder.

  • Easy to use. Works on any Windows PC.

  • Upload up to 8 body cameras simultaneously.

  • Connect and go, saves you time & money.

  • Searching according to Device ID, Officer ID,date recorded, File type